Chicago improv team: Jessica (Chicago)

Onstage, Jessica is four people exploring the tiny connections made from scene to scene, second to second. Schooled in Theatre, Dance, Film, Communications, Economics and Electrical Engineering, Jessica experiments with variations in pace, rhythm and tempo as they create fully-improvised organic long-form shows. Offstage, Jessica is an sketch/improv troupe enjoying its third year of existence. Since its inception after a Level 2 course at iO taught by Jet Eveleth, Jessica has performed for whomever, wherever they would have them: iO, The Gorilla Tango Theatre, The Playground Theater, Mullen's, The Annoyance, The Crocodile Lounge, The Spot, The Cornservatory, even unusual non-theatre spaces like the Brown Family Life Center at Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital for patients and their parents as well as an actual playground in Palmer Square for The Seasonal Salon experimental lecture series. [b]Festival Credits[/b] Chicago Improv Festival (2010 & 2011) Southern Illinois Comedy Festival (2010 & 2011) Kalamazoo Improv Festival (2009 - 2011) Chicago Sketchfest (2011) Boston Improv Festival (2010) Del Close Marathon (2008 & 2009) Baltimore Improv Festival (2009) [b]Press[/b] [b]Jason A. Heidemann, [i]Time Out Chicago[/i][/b]: [i]"Jessica creates patient long-form driven through engaging characters and scene work. Monologues seamlessly build into more expansive multi-person scenes while earning big laughs along the way” [/i] [b]Jet Eveleth, CIF Co-Artistic Director[/b]: [i]“This totally independent team really embodies what is beautiful about long-form. These actors explore alternative forms with three-dimensional character work. They risk by letting scenes unfold and by playing characters that are sometimes dark or unlikable. Come see what independent ensembles can create without the restrictions of an institution” [/i] [b]Will Sims, [i]Chicago Maroon[/i][/b]: [i]"Nothing if not original. It seemed like there was no situation or role that the Jessica crew was unwilling to tackle and when the physical comedy was good, it was very good...creative and thoroughly enjoyable, it was hard to resist smiling or chuckling at the untamed goofiness transpiring onstage"[/i] [b]Alisa Hauser, [i][/i][/b]: [i]"a heck of a lot of fun...proved a welcome escape from reality, and a reminder that there are many funny people in this city producing shows on smaller stages that are deserving of being seen by far more than just their family, friends, and acquaintances"[/i] [b] [i]Off-Broadway in Chicago[/i][/b]: [i]"A fast-paced, lo-fi ride of a show through the seemingly mundane, but often riotous moments of life"[/i] [b] [i]Centerstage Chicago[/i][/b]: [i]"Offer slice-of-life scenes which highlight the absurdity of being"[/i]